The construction of an airplane model is an interesting, fascinating and not an easy adventure.

The adventure begins when you purchase a kit for self-assembly of an airplane model. Putting your work into the model you get a aircraft at a reasonable price. On this site you can buy a kit for self-assembly of an airplane model, for yourself and for your children. To order a kit for assembling an aircraft airplane model, contacts indicated on the website.

How difficult is it to assemble the model yourself?
Will I be able to complete the construction and take off?
How long does it take?
And what's easier, to buy a ready ARF or to collect KIT?
Each pilot faces this dilemma.

On personal experience, I solved these questions.
And now I can confidently answer:
It is possible to assemble the model independently.
To bring the construction up to the flights is interesting.
Time is spent fruitfully.
It is better to assemble a quality KIT kit.