Nazin Sergey Sergeevich


Born September 24, 1983 in glorious, then Russian, Grozny, in a family of professional musicians.
Father Nazin, Sergei Anatolyevich (guitar) author performer of his own songs, the bard, the laureate of the music festival named after V. Grushin 1988
Unfortunately in 2005 has left us due to kidney disease. Mom Nazina Irina Gennadievna (viola), professional seamstress-designer, now creating vestments for clergy of the diocese of Engels.

In 1986 my family moved to Saratov, where in 1990 he moved to the city of Engels, where I now live.
In 1998 graduated from the 9th class of school, and entered the Saratov Aviation College, faculty of "Aircraft"

From 2001 to 2009 i devoted himself to jewellery under a unique master Mikhail Doronin, has gone from apprentice to production Manager.
Then changed the field. Unfortunately, photos of exclusive products im lost, I found only wedding rings.
From 2009 to 2012 he studied woodworking under the leadership of the cabinetmaker Evgeny Konovalov. With great interest and enthusiasm learned the intricacies of this profession, learned something:

Since 2012 engaged in the plumbing business: сантехник-энгельс.рф
Professionally engaged in the design and installation of systems of heating, water supply and sanitation.

In parallel with all these developments, from the seventh grade of school (1996) began to take an aviamodelling circle "Wings" in the club "Youth" branch of Engels, coach Antonets Ivan Ivanovich. Then I met with Mikhail Nikitin, worked together at the club, studied together in College. His ability to design and build model aircraft, entirely I owe it to these modelers.

In 2006 I took over the leadership from the circle of Ivan Ivanovich and became a coach of children's team on aviation sport. Young athletes of my team became repeated Champions of the Saratov region in classes F-2D , F-2C, F-5J. Unfortunately the funding is not to leave the high-level competition. And in 2010 the room which was my office decided to sell, I was asked to write a statement, I refused and was dismissed under article "violation of labour discipline".

Since then, air modeling has remained as a hobby which is not enough time - marriage, children, etc.

By 2014 has become a bit easier and I began to build...

Well, then my story continues before your eyes.