Test the web connection of the fuselage.

The tail boom was rejected because of the bias in 1 mm., the mm at the root, gave a difference of 1.5 cm along the diagonals of the horizontal stabilizer. Mistakes made during Assembly were removed and collected new direct beam :) and this curve we are broke :D

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Test for plywood rocking servo.

Rocking impregnated CA glue and varnished.
Shoulder rocking 50 millimeters from the axis of rotation to the point of application of force. The rocking chair comes in load up to 24 kg, and then it just breaks. According to the formula: А*В/С=D ,where:v А - a force of 24 kg, В - the shoulder rocking 50 mm, С - shoulder 10 mm (standard dimensions servo), D - force servo. Get finished the servo force = 120 kg..

The technical details and cool ideas.

Experience comes with time and mistakes. Faced with some challenges, when assembling model aircraft, comes an understanding of the correct construction of algorithms. This video discusses the frequently encountered problems and their solutions.

Plywood controls - to use or not.

The control system sets Faster in the Wind (rocking, horns) made of birch plywood of 3 mm. From the video, you will learn how to prepare the plywood parts. Consider the option of having no levers of plywood.

Suspension steering surfaces with tape or loops.

Personal dislike for plastic loops and problems associated with bonding and reliability has prompted the idea of using tape-reinforced (with fiberglass). Suspension steering surfaces technically versatile, you can use plastic loops (flat, round) or stick the handlebars on the tape. Video considered both variants of the suspension.

Covering balsa models.

The basic technology discussed in this video.
Without another word, only the important thing.

Cording film.

Some videos in chronological order. The covering of the wing and horizontal tail. The film is Chinese with aliekspress. The nuances of the covering with suspension on the reinforced tape.

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