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Kit for self assembly of the airplane model Cessna 150 the gasoline engine.

When using a gasoline engine 30-40 CC the nature of flight training, pancake (thrust of 0.6-0.8)

When using a gasoline engine 50-55 CC the nature of flight confident, towing gliders (thrust of 1.1-1.4)

Video assembly instructions Cessna 150.

Entry. Wing.
The nose of the fuselage. Tail part of the fuselage.
Tail. Front post, the ending with pyrotechnics.
First flight. Corkscrew test.

Photo gallery on Yandex, details of construction, 1100 photos:

Arbitrary kit your choice :

Billets of birch plywood 3mm. , and balsa 3 mm. under the order 250$
The engine hood, fiberglass. under the order 40$
Lantern of the cabin, polycarbonate film 0,5mm. under the order 70$
Lantern of the cabin, PVC film 0,5mm. under the order 20$
Fairing chassis, fiberglass. under the order 60$
Milled landing gear, dural 4Х58Х385 мм. D16t. under the order 60$
Parts kit front rack. under the order 30$
Pipe wing 25 Х 1 Х 650 мм. Aluminum. under the order 15$
Pipe stabilizer 14 Х 1,5 X 280 мм. Aluminum. under the order 5$
Pine slats, 12Х4Х1000 мм. 4шт.
5Х3Х1000 мм. 20 шт. 40Х5Х600 4шт.
under the order 45$
Бальса для обшивки, шпон 1,5Х100Х1000 мм. 30 шт. no 0

Наконечники тяги, отверстие 3 мм. 16 шт.

no 0

Шасси основные 110 мм. 2шт.

Шасси переднее 90 мм. 1шт.

no 0
Film for model aircraft, 14 meters.
no 0
Packaging for shipment. 1100X450X350 mm. 10-16 Kg. under the order 25$
Repair kit the every detail. under the order on request