Test the web connection of the fuselage.

It happened during the construction of the Vertigo 2M. During development there was a mistake, I refused remote plywood stringers, decided on a ruler to place the frames. Don't know what I was expecting :D of Course the beam is going not smooth, the curvature was very small and not visible at a glance, exactly 1 mm on the lateral planes. But this mm has influenced the symmetry of the pipe is the center tail section and eventually the difference of diagonals on the horizontal empennage amounted to half an inch. 15 mm is a lot when you installed the stabilizer it immediately became clear this imbalance, the forums are described in more detail my dances with a tambourine :D

Of course, such a beam was rejected and it was decided to perform testing of web plug connections. This video experiment was shot with 3 cameras, the results pleased:)

The design of the beam was redesigned in the drawings changes, added remote stringers centering taper of the fuselage. A new beam was going perfectly smoothly, as it should be. The property of self centering design restored.
Invaluable experience cost is not expensive :) and it was fun :)

The nature of the damage and magnitude of load it can be concluded that a detachable connection of the fuselage will withstand all operational loads arising during the flight in all figures of 3D aerobatics.